30 NBA players who were traded before becoming stars

Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady
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27. Trae Young

Atlanta Hawks all-star Trae Young was actually drafted by the Dallas Mavericks 5th overall back in 2019.  However, Dallas' intention was to always trade him to the Hawks in exchange for another player on this list.

While things haven't always been smooth sailing in Atlanta for Young, namely due to his feuds with coaches and even teammates, he's been incredibly productive over his five seasons in Atlanta. Thus far, he's sporting career averages of 27 points and 7.3 assists per game, putting him in rare air.

In fact, even at just age 25, it is hard to argue that Young isn't already the second-greatest Hawk behind Dominique Wilkins, or third, if including St. Louis Hawks great Bob Petit. How long he remains in Atlanta is anyone's guess but the Hawks at least have an offensive superstar, one they can hopefully continue to build around starting at the 2024 trade deadline.

All in all, while the Mavericks did trade a star in the making in Young, they likely don't regret the decision to do so. More on that is coming up next.