3 reasons why Klay Thompson is the perfect fit for the Dallas Mavericks

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1) Thompson fits perfectly as a third option

As mentioned earlier Thompson is a perfect third option for Doncic and Irving who will serve as the primary and secondary scoring options respectively. That'll be no problem for Thompson whose game is predicated on moving without the ball which has been his bread and butter throughout his career as an elite sniper and marksman.

He led the league in off-ball frequency in the regular season last year at 33.1% per NBA.com with an effective FG% of 56.9. Adding that to the Maverick's offensive attack will make that trio of Doncic and Irvin virtually unstoppable offensively with Doncic's and Irving's ability to draw the double due to their uncanny ability to get wherever on the court, collapsing the defense opening up looks for Thompson.

Despite his injuries, Thompson still averaged 18PPG last season with the two other seasons before that post injuries averaging over 20+. His efficiency will need to improve, shooting below 45% from the field in his three seasons back from his injuries, but with a new change of scenery and dynamic backcourt with two elite creators he'll get open looks all day.It's a new era in the NBA.