3 reasons why Klay Thompson is the perfect fit for the Dallas Mavericks

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3) Thompson's elite shooting will space for the floor for the Mavericks.

The Mavericks struggled mightily in the Finals connecting from downtown, and shooting just 31.6% in the series per NBA.com. This allowed the Celtics to sag off defensively against a Mavericks team that couldn't make them respect them from the outside.

Adding in arguably the second-best shooter in NBA history will make that much easier as someone who's never hot less than 38% from three in any season of his legendary career and has hit numerous big-time shots in big games.

He led the league in 3-Point Makes in 2022-23, showing exactly why he's still one of the most feared shooters across the entire association and one of the best of all time. Thompson may not be one of the best two-way players that he once was before the injuries ravaged him of his lateral quickness defensively and explosiveness, but he's still a deadeye shooter you must respect.

Thompson's ability as one of the best off-ball movers in NBA history will serve well in an offense that will be predominantly running plays for Doncic and Irving. Look out!