3 rapid risers and 3 fast fallers in the 2024 NBA Draft

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Draft Faller: Tyrese Proctor, Guard, Duke
10 PPG, 2.9 RPG, and 3.5 APG

Going into the season, Tyrese Proctor was considered one of, if not the best returners, in the class due to an end-of-year explosion last season. However, a crowded backcourt in Durham and little improvement have caused scouts to pump their breaks.

So far, Proctor looks promising as a pick-and-roll operator and ball handler, as shown by his low turnover percentage of 13%. But outside of that, Proctor hasn't shown much promise. A consistent problem with Proctor has been his lack of aggression and confidence in-game. The young Aussie is only averaging 10 points per game (4th on Duke), a slight 0.7 improvement from last year while shooting fewer shots per game than last year.

Proctor plays best when he goes downhill yet, he's only shot 33 shots at the rim this season compared to his 41 midrange jumpers and 93 threes. Speaking of threes, Proctor has shown catch-and-shoot ability but it's clear he isn't comfortable shooting off the dribble yet.

I have confidence in Proctor as a point-of-attack defender against opposing guards due to his IQ and speed, but his lack of strength and overall athleticism will limit him on the defensive end. Proctor is just coming back from a sprained ankle and since he's been back, he has been more productive, but his lack of development raises eyebrows.