3 rapid risers and 3 fast fallers in the 2024 NBA Draft

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Draft Riser: Dillon Jones, Wing - Weber St
19.3 PPG, 9.9 RPG, - 4.9 APG

Dillon Jones had a chance to enter the 2023 NBA Draft as a second-round pick but opted to return to Weber State for his senior season. This decision seems to have been the right one, senior, as Jones has played himself into the first round and possibly the lottery.

Although Jones most likely won't be a star on the next level, he's shown to be a potential high-quality utility player. Immediately what stands out about Jones is his strong frame of 6'6 235lbs and how well he uses it. Jones loves to bully defenders into the paint and finish strong, as shown by his high at-the-rim field goal percentage of 59.4.

As a result, Jones gets to the line frequently, where he shoots 84%. Although Jones has a high FT percentage, he hasn't proven himself as a consistent outside shooter and is hesitant at times from beyond the arc. Additionally, Jones flies for rebounds, as he is second in the Big Sky for RPG and has the third-highest DREB% in the entire NCAA at 32.7%.

His strength advantage carries to the defensive side as he is a sturdy defender who is switchable on wings and guards, an extremely important trait for NBA wings. With the way Jones has played, don't be surprised if he is this year's mid-major prospect darling.