3 rapid risers and 3 fast fallers in the 2024 NBA Draft

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Draft Faller: Isaiah Collier, Guard, USC, 15.8 PPG, 2.7 RPG, and 4 APG

The Isaiah Collier experience has been a roller coaster all season. Collier started as the potential number one overall pick, only to now fall to late lottery looks. While Collier can dazzle on the court with his deep bag of moves and slippery finishes, there are a multitude of red flags. The first is the turnover problem.

He's fourth out of all freshmen in the NCAA in turnovers, with a dreadful assist-to-turnover ratio of 1.16. If Collier is so turnover-happy at the collegiate level, scouts will cringe thinking of what it would be like on an NBA level with more athletic and smart players. Being a consistent shooter is a must for NBA guards to succeed, and so far, Collier hasn't proven to be that.

He only shoots 65% from the stripe (FT% is a good indicator of how shooting will translate). He's only made 17 total threes this season as well. A common stat that is used for projecting how good an NBA player will be is Box Plus/Minus.

Prospects with a +/- of over 3 usually indicate a quality player, while players with a +/- under 3 project to be busts. Isaiah Collier has a +/- of 2.6, last out of any point guard prospect on my top 60 board. While Collier has shown talent, whether or not his play will translate to winning is still in question.