3 rapid risers and 3 fast fallers in the 2024 NBA Draft

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Around this time last year, there was a clear and concise feeling about the 2023 NBA Draft class: it was strong, with potential generational talent at the top, followed by a deep pool of high-quality prospects. As we enter 2024, the consensus for the NBA Draft class has been the opposite of last year's.

It's been dubbed with weaker than usual top prospects with the idea that most players that get selected will have difficulty carving out productive NBA careers. This has caused a mass fluctuation of Big Boards around the scouting community, with players rising and falling constantly. Which players have recently boosted their stock, while others have tanked theirs?

Draft Riser: Cody Williams, Wing, Colorado
Stats: 14.7 PPG, 3.7 RPG, and 1.9 APG

Cody Williams, the younger brother of Oklahoma City Thunder star Jalen Williams, has been on scout's radar's for quite some time as a McDonald's All-American. Cody started the year off hot in his first seven games, shooting 61% from the field on 14 PPG. A left wrist injury would stunt Williams's stock, sidelining him for seven games.

Since Williams has returned, the freshman has been sharp, averaging 15.5 points and 3.8 boards per match, entering his name in the Top Five conversation. Williams has proved to be an extremely efficient and smooth scorer, especially around the basket, using various finishing moves. Williams has a polished and consistent floater game as well.

His shot passes the mechanics test and is backed by statistics, with a remarkable True Shooting of 65% and an eFG of 63%. However, his hesitancy to launch from deep is concerning, and a with only 1.92 a game, Williams isn't the bounciest athlete in the world, with questionable foot speed and a loose handle that causes him to shoot off balance or lose the ball.

The wing has the ideal size, with a 7'2 wingspan, to be a disruptive defender. He has good instincts in passing lanes and in helping. Williams' versatility will make him one of the most prized prospects in this class and his stock should remain high.