3 Playoff teams that could lure Klay Thompson away from the Warriors this summer

Klay Thompson
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1) Philadelphia 76ers

While the 76ers were active at the trade deadline, none of their moves jeopardized their potential cap space for this summer. That gives them the flexibility to pursue Thompson in free agency and they are one of the few playoff teams that could sign him away from the Warriors outright without the need for a sign and trade.

The Sixers did acquire sharpshooter Buddy Hield from the Indiana Pacers and he is both younger and probably fairly cheap to retain this summer. Still, they could look to retain Hield and make an offer to Thompson to bolster the shooting around superstar Joel Embiid and All-Star Tyrese Maxey.

With Pacers star Pascal Siakam likely to re-sign in Indiana, Thompson will be among the best remaining free agents and the Sixers might pursue him. That is particularly true if he can be had for an affordable price. He hasn't been the same player this season as he was in the past and has even recently started coming off the bench due to his questionable shot selection and decision-making.

If he is willing to embrace that role going forward, then he may be willing to take a pay cut from the Warriors. If he isn't, then he could be lured away by the Sixers and the prospect of playing with Embiid.