3 Playoff teams that could lure Klay Thompson away from the Warriors this summer

Klay Thompson
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2) Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are perhaps Thompson's most high-profile possible landing spot. Although the Lakers don't have the cap space needed to sign Thompson, they could possibly work out a sign-and-trade with the Warriors to acquire him. The Lakers could offer up Rui Hachimura and multiple second-round picks to Golden State.

However, the Warriors may prefer to either keep Thompson or have him leave without taking back any salary since they are a second apron team. Then again, Hachimura is useful as a rotation player, and will make around $18 million next season, making him a potential trade chip for the Warriors.

That would allow them to more easily match salaries in a deal for a star. If the Warriors agreed to help Thompson join the Lakers—a big deal given the two teams' in-state rivalry—then Los Angeles would help solve one of their biggest issues, shooting.

They rank just 25th in 3-point attempts and 21st in 3-point percentage, both of which have contributed to their having a 21st-ranked offensive rating. It would also likely keep LeBron James happy and help to ensure that he opts into his player option. Thompson isn't the star he once was, but he could still help the Lakers in more ways than one.