3 Playoff teams that could lure Klay Thompson away from the Warriors this summer

Klay Thompson
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With the trade deadline and NBA all-star weekend now past, the Golden State Warriors can now get back to basketball, but a big decision awaits them this summer. Longtime Warrior Klay Thompson is synonymous with the team and has spent all 13 seasons of his career with Golden State.

Nevertheless, the two sides haven't agreed to a new contract and he can become a free agent for the first time in his career. Although many expect him and the Warriors to figure out a new deal that will allow him to stay and retire with Golden State, here are several teams that could potentially lure him away.

3) Orlando Magic

According to NBA insider Mark Stein, the Orlando Magic could make a run at Thompson this summer. They could have as much as $45 million in cap space and could put that money to good use by adding a sharpshooter around star Paolo Banchero. Given Thompson's dwindling value, they could theoretically fit him and a starting-caliber point guard into their cap space, allowing them to make a big leap next season.

Trading in San Francisco for Orlando might give Thompson pause, but if the Magic are willing to pony up more money than the Warriors are, then he may go where the money is. To the Magic's credit, they have built a promising young team that may just be a few pieces away from contending and Thompson could be a key addition that helps unlock their potential.

Stein does mention that he expects Thompson to re-sign with Golden State this summer but if the Magic were to aggressively pursue Thompson, then that could change. Be that as it may, Orlando hasn't been a destination for stars over the history of their franchise and while Thompson may not be as much of a star as he once was, he may prefer to play elsewhere.