3 must-see college prospects every NBA fan needs to watch during March Madness 

Tennessee v Kentucky
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2) Zach Edey

The soon-to-be two-time National Player of the Year, Edey, will go down as one of the best college players in recent memory. While Edey’s dominance of the college game is something that will be remembered for a long time, his lack of success in the NCAA tournament will always be a part of his legacy. Unless, of course, he can lead Purdue to their first Final Four since 1980.

In Edey’s three NCAA tournaments to date, he has been eliminated by 13th seeded North Texas in the opening round, 15th seeded St. Peters in the Sweet Sixteen, and of course last year's infamous loss to 16th seed FDU. Purdue became just the second #1 seed to ever lose in the opening round. The good news for them is that the other team, 2018 Virginia, came back next year and won the whole thing. If Edey can do that, he will cement himself as an all-time great in the game of college basketball.

Edey’s college legacy is not the only thing on the line for him this March; his NBA future has also become a hot topic of discussion. While earlier in his college career, many assumed that the 7 '4 Edey would ultimately be a second-round pick, if that. His inability to guard on the perimeter or shoot from the outside isn’t exactly the quality NBA teams look for in modern big men.

However, while he still has his flaws, Edey’s production and dominance are undeniable. He is averaging 24.2 ppg and 11.7 RPG in barely over 30 minutes a night. Teams seem to be talking themselves into Edey more and more, and he is now believed to be a potential lottery pick. A strong showing this month could solidify his NBA future while also cementing his status as an NCAA legend.