3 moves the Knicks must make to build around Brunson and Bridges

OG Anunoby (left), Donte DiVincenzo (middle left), Jalen Brunson (middle right), and Josh Hart (right)
OG Anunoby (left), Donte DiVincenzo (middle left), Jalen Brunson (middle right), and Josh Hart (right) / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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(1) Re-sign OG Anunoby

The Knicks have no other option but to pursue being a second-apron taxpaying team. Trading Bogdanovic's expiring $19 million contract for Bridges' $23 million salary doesn't look on paper as a significant cap situation. However, the Knicks are now hard-capped at the first apron cap threshold of $179 million. With $42 million of cap room remaining, the Knicks have wiggle room for an OG Anunoby deal. Additionally, the Knicks feel fully committed to re-signing Anunoby.

Retaining Anunoby means a top defensive wing duo of Mikal Bridges and Anunoby would be formed, as two of the most coveted players in the league over the last few seasons. Additionally, the depth of the Knicks would be unmatched, with Josh Hart, Donte DiVincenzo, and possibly Mitchell Robinson (more on this later) off of the bench alongside Miles 'Deuce' McBride.

An argument can be made the Knicks only make this move if they think they're losing Anunoby. On the contrary, New York may have made this move only if they were confident about Anunoby re-signing with them. Even though he has officially opted out of his contract, the Knicks own his bird rights and will do whatever it takes to bring him back. But will they do the same for another one of their beloved free agents?

New York appears to be back on top of the basketball world, with a core that could potentially remain intact for nearly the next decade. Will the Villanova championship core from 2016 and 2018 pull off the same championship feat for the Knicks, or will their master plan for a championship fall apart once again?