3 moves the Knicks must make to build around Brunson and Bridges

OG Anunoby (left), Donte DiVincenzo (middle left), Jalen Brunson (middle right), and Josh Hart (right)
OG Anunoby (left), Donte DiVincenzo (middle left), Jalen Brunson (middle right), and Josh Hart (right) / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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(2) Solidify the frontcourt by re-signing Isaiah Hartenstein

Isaiah Hartenstein is arguably just as important to the Knicks as OG Anunoby is. He's beloved by the fanbase, and plays with the grittiness, toughness, and emotion of the old-school Knicks team, but is a class act. When Mitchell Robinson and Julius Randle went down to injuries, Hartenstein stepped his game up with more minutes, solidifying himself as the possible big man of the future for the Knicks. In the eyes of many, Hartenstein and Josh Hart became the heart and soul of the Knicks team culture.

However, the league is fully aware of Hartenstein's value both on and off the court, and many teams have interest in the veteran. In particular, the Oklahoma City Thunder have wide-known interest in Hartenstein and are prepared to make him an offer he can't refuse when free agency starts. Will Hartenstein chase potentially lifelong financial stability for his family, or will he take a slight hometown discount to be with the organization he flourished for?

Are the Knicks confident Mitchell Robinson and Julius Randle can stay healthy for at least 65 games and make it through the playoffs without any other energy? Hartenstein's future as a Knick very well could depend on the health of both Robinson and Randle, players who have been with the organization longer than Hartenstein. However, Robinson's offensive game is still rounding out, and his injuries have started to pile up on his body.