3 moves the Knicks must make to build around Brunson and Bridges

OG Anunoby (left), Donte DiVincenzo (middle left), Jalen Brunson (middle right), and Josh Hart (right)
OG Anunoby (left), Donte DiVincenzo (middle left), Jalen Brunson (middle right), and Josh Hart (right) / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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The Villanova Knicks are complete! Stunningly late Tuesday night, the Brooklyn Nets sent Mikal Bridges to the New York Knicks for a massive haul that ignites Brooklyn's rebuild. The trade was the fourth between the two organizations ever, and the first since 1983. Still loaded with a plethora of draft assets, New York can take down the Boston Celtics if they remain healthy. If the Knicks strategically plan this offseason, they can become championship favorites for the foreseeable future.

Breaking down the trade, the Knicks traded several of their future first-round picks and several other picks to insert Bridges into their lineup. The Knicks' aggressiveness signals a willingness towards re-signing OG Anunoby, and Isaiah Hartenstein while pursuing a championship, all of which is still in the realm of possibility for New York. The New York Knicks are back ladies and gentlemen, but they aren't finished! By executing a few more moves, the Knicks can set their foundation for the next decade.

Bridges to NY Trade Breakdown

New York has several moves they need to make if they want to bring back their free agents and have the necessary depth for an NBA championship. By trading Bogdanovic for Bridges, the Knicks acquired more salary than they traded away, automatically hard-capping them at the first apron salary cap (the same CBA rule applied to Oklahoma City after trading Josh Giddey for Alex Caruso).

To remove that hard cap number and gain the necessary wiggle room they'll need to enter the second apron, New York will have to find the salaries to send to Brooklyn, which they'd likely be more than willing to do as a selling, soon-to-be rebuilding team. The time is now for New York, huge credit goes to Leon Rose and his front office for bringing the Knicks back to relevancy and contention.