3 former NBA players who would dominate in today’s game

Allen Iverson
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It’s always fun to compare eras, and there are undoubtedly individuals who played during the wrong time in history. Whether they were already stars in their day or role players who barely scraped together meaningful minutes, these players would adore the modern NBA.

3) Scott Wedman

Most fondly remembered for his five seasons with the Boston Celtics, Scott Wedman may have been ahead of his time. The 6-7 forward began his career before the installation of the 3-point line and ended it alongside arguably one the association’s best sharpshooters, Larry Bird.

Wedman’s career stats do not tell the full story. He could shoot effectively from range, but he never received enough playing time or touches to truly shine. It could be argued that his ability to move off the ball and cooperate with superstar teammates like Bird, Kevin McHale, and Robert Parish was underappreciated given where the league was in terms of spacing and perimeter play.

It’s highly doubtful that Wedman would be an A1 star by today’s standards, but his skill set would lend itself to some dominant scoring runs alongside a good starting lineup or a serviceable second unit.