3 changes we'd like to see to the NBA In-Season Tournament

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3) Ditch the crazy courts

The rationale behind the kooky court designs makes sense at first glance: it distinguishes the In-Season Tournament games from traditional regular season games and helps inform fans who don't realize what they're tuning into (and somehow miss all of the accompanying logos, graphics, and chatter). But they may not be worth the trouble.

For starters, it's a bit of a struggle to watch visually. Yes, some of the younger audiences enjoy the color pops. But it can be hard to track the ball, see the lines on the court and make out what players are on the hardwood. Special jerseys are fun, but special courts take up so much space as to become a distracting element.

It also loses its quirkiness if it's applied to every In-Season Tournament game - people like watching the occasional Boise State football game on the blue turf because it's unique. There's also a fine line between something that's grounding and something that's gimmicky. The NBA wants players, fans, and everyone else to take the In-Season Tournament seriously.

It's hard to take something seriously when it redesigns an essential component of a game that has been solidified in sports for decades. Manchester United isn't painting the pitch red before an FA Cup game.

For the first year, the NBA gets a pass as they were pulling out all the stops to bring recognition to the event. As the tournament ages up, however, it would help to take on a more mature look.