21 Hall of Famers you had no idea played with each other

LeBron James, Shaquille O'Neal
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15) Allen Iverson and Marc Gasol

NBA legend Allen Iverson is remembered as one of the most iconic players in league history, though his late-career run was underwhelming. After playing two and a half seasons with the Denver Nuggets, he was flipped for Chauncey Billups, and he proved to be a poor fit for the Detroit Pistons.

After his contract ended, he went unsigned for most of the 2009 offseason before the Memphis Grizzlies gave him a lifeline. However, his stint in Memphis was so unmemorable that it is easy to forget. He lasted just 3 games, or 67 total minutes, before being released by the team, but not before playing briefly with future Hall of Famer Marc Gasol.

Part of the reason why Iverson didn't work out in Memphis was that he may have still thought of himself as a superstar. Unfortunately, at 34 years old, he definitely wasn't at that point in his career. After his release from the Grizzlies, Iverson returned home to the Philadelphia 76ers, where he played 25 games before leaving the team.

The 2009–10 season ultimately proved to be his final year in the NBA, and he briefly played in Turkey before retiring. While not the end a legend like Iverson deserved, he did at least start and end his career in Philadelphia and went on to be a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame.