21 Hall of Famers you had no idea played with each other

LeBron James, Shaquille O'Neal
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17) Earl Monroe and Walt Frazier

NBA legend Earl "The Pearl" Monroe probably isn't well-known since his best years came in the late 1960s and early 1970s. However, he was an immediate star after being picked second overall by the Baltimore Bullets. Over his first four seasons in the NBA, the Pearl was a scoring sensation, averaging 23.7 points and 4.6 assists while winning Rookie of the Year in 1968 and making two all-star teams.

However, he was later traded to the Knicks, where he formed a terrific backcourt pairing with Walt Clyde Frazier for six seasons. Frazier was known as one of the best all-around point guards in NBA history, proving to be a talented scorer, passer, rebounder, and defensive player.

That all-star pairing turned out to be a winning combination, with the Knicks winning a championship in 1973. As of 2024, that is the last time the Knicks have won a title. Frazier was later sent to the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he would spend his last three seasons, breaking up New York's backcourt. As for Monroe, he would finish his career with the Knicks, capping a strong career.