2024 NBA Mock Draft Round Up: DET adds elite shooter, Wiz land top big, and Spurs nab 2 jumbo playmakers

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3rd Pick: San Antonio Spurs-Nikola Topic

The San Antonio Spurs again find themselves near the bottom of the standings but will potentially have two top-10 picks in the 2024 Draft. In addition to having what is likely to be a top-3 pick, the Spurs are owed the Toronto Raptors 2024 first-round pick, though it is top-6 protected.

The Raptors currently have the sixth-worst record in the NBA. However, the lottery odds give them just a 38% chance of keeping their pick and a 32% chance if they fall to the seventh worst in the league standings.

If that pick does convey to the Spurs, then the Athletic projects them to select point guard Nikola Topic with the third pick and Matas Buzelis seventh overall. If that were the case, then that would be big for the Spurs, giving them tall playmakers who can help them shore up their biggest issue, which has been getting star Victor Wembanyama the ball.

Topic is a 6'6 point guard who is generally seen as the best passer in the draft. While there are concerns about his shooting, he is known for frequently attacking the basket and finishing in the paint.

That should help draw defensive attention his way in the NBA and make it easier for him to set up teammates. The same could be said for Buzelis, though he is both four inches taller and a better shooter. The Spurs don't have a long-term option at either point guard or small forward and both players could prove to be that for San Antonio.