2024 NBA Mock Draft Round Up: DET adds elite shooter, Wiz land top big, and Spurs nab 2 jumbo playmakers

Zaccharie Risacher
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2nd Pick: Washington Wizards-Alexandre Saar

With the Detroit Pistons projected to pick a shooter on the wing, that leaves the Washington Wizards to pick 7'1 big man Alexandre Saar. In years past, players like Saar would have been the prize of the draft but he may instead fall to the second pick.

That is primarily due to concerns about his fit with the Pistons and the San Antonio Spurs, while the Wizards don't have those same concerns. They need talent anywhere they can find it and Saar's upside as a defensive player may be too hard for them to pass up.

While he is massive, he is also mobile and can both protect the basket and slide onto guards when defending the pick and roll. The hope is that he will eventually become as good on the offensive end, and he can already knock down shots away from the rim but not at a consistent clip just yet.

Still, he could eventually be paired with four shooters and prove to be a terrific roll-man at the five. That would be a valuable player in today's NBA and the Wizards seem like a team that should gamble on Saar in hopes that he becomes an elite two-way big man.