2024 NBA Mock Draft 3.0: Hawks court chaos, Spurs speed up rebuild, Lakers surprise

The 2024 NBA draft is less than a week away and there's questions about where each top prospect will go but here is the last version of Hoop Habit's mock draft.
Alexandre Sarr
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2) Washington Wizards-Alexandre Sarr

If the Hawks decide to take Risasher, then the Washington Wizards would surely be fine with taking Alexandre Sarr. Prior to Atlanta winning the draft lottery, Sarr was often viewed as the player most likely to go number one, with his combination of size at 7'1, mobility, and offensive and defensive potential.

If he reaches his full potential, then he could be a legit star and give the Wizards a much-needed franchise cornerstone, though a lot of his offensive potential hinges on whether he can eventually become a good 3-point shooter.

Even if he doesn't, he could still be a terrific player who can roll to the basket and finish strong with his length and athleticism. Defensively, he projects to have a major impact as a rim protector who can defend the pick and roll, switch, and guard on the perimeter.

Those tools alone make Sarr an intriguing prospect who could anchor a terrific defense in the future. In Washington, they are still trying to figure out who, if any, of the young players on their roster might be a part of their next playoff team, and if they draft Sarr second, then he'd likely be one of them.