2024 NBA Mock Draft 3.0: Hawks court chaos, Spurs speed up rebuild, Lakers surprise

The 2024 NBA draft is less than a week away and there's questions about where each top prospect will go but here is the last version of Hoop Habit's mock draft.
Alexandre Sarr
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26) Washington Wizards-Kyshawn George

The Washington Wizards have another first-round pick and with them projected to take Sarr, they could take a look at Kyshawn George. George didn't put up monster numbers at Miami—just 7.6 points—but is seen as a player who fits an archetype as a three-and-d wing. It's easy to see why; he shot a terrific 40.8% from three on 4.2 attempts per game, proving that he has the "three" part down pat.

However, he was arguably just as good defensively. His size at 6'7 and length at 6'10 1/2 make him an ideal player to guard wings and the hope is that with the likes of George and Sarr, the Wizards can develop a defensive identity.

With Sarr potentially protecting the rim, George can harass wings by battling over screens and sliding his feet well on drives to keep pressure on his man and force them to shoot over him. Getting a likely future rotation player, and possibly even a full-time starter, with a late first-round pick would be great value for the Wizards and that, combined with adding Sarr, a player with star potential, would make them draft winners.