2024 NBA Mock Draft 3.0: Hawks court chaos, Spurs speed up rebuild, Lakers surprise

The 2024 NBA draft is less than a week away and there's questions about where each top prospect will go but here is the last version of Hoop Habit's mock draft.
Alexandre Sarr
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22) Milwaukee Bucks- DaRon Holmes II

The Milwaukee Bucks could use a win after consecutive first-round exits and watching Jrue Holiday, whom they traded away, help lead their rivals, the Boston Celtics, to a championship. If he is still on the board, then they may find one in DaRon Holmes II, who put up strong numbers at Dayton over his three years there, including averaging 20.4 points, 8.4 rebounds, 2.1 blocks, and also shooting 38.6% from three.

Despite that production and his size at 6'10, he isn't generally seen as a lottery pick and could fall into the 20s, where the Milwaukee Bucks should snatch him up at 22. While he may not have a big role immediately with the Bucks using a 3-man big-man rotation of superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo as well as Brook Lopez and Bobby Portis Jr., Holmes could soon factor in as either a Lopez or Portis Jr. replacement.

His stellar shot blocking combined with his interior scoring and 3-point shooting would make for an interesting fit on a team with Giannis and give them options as they look to keep pace with the Celtics in the Eastern Conference.