2024 NBA Mock Draft 3.0: Hawks court chaos, Spurs speed up rebuild, Lakers surprise

The 2024 NBA draft is less than a week away and there's questions about where each top prospect will go but here is the last version of Hoop Habit's mock draft.
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9) Memphis Grizzlies-Dalton Knecht

With the ninth pick, the Memphis Grizzlies have a chance to address one of their biggest issues as they look to make it back to the playoffs next season. The Grizzles ranked just 28th in 3-point percentage, which is why they will likely take Tennessee forward Dalton Knecht. Aside from spending his college career in-state, Knecht makes sense for the Grizzlies given that he was one of the more efficient high-volume shooters this past season, draining 39.7% of his 6.6 3-point attempts. 

That shooting would make him a perfect fit, especially with the Grizzlies potentially having to move on from Luke Kennard to save on having to pay the luxury tax. Although Knecht isn't seen as having much upside since he is already 23 years old, he was a prolific college scorer who can shoot off screens, pull-ups, and spot-ups.

That suggests that he can be an immediate contributor to a team that, when fully healthy, should be among the best teams in the Western Conference, especially with a big three consisting of Ja Morant, Desmond Bane, and Jaren Jackson Jr. Adding Knect might not make them the team to beat in the West but his strengths would help the Grizzlies shore up a big weakness.