2024 NBA Mock Draft 2.0: Hawks play it safe, Wizards go big, Spurs fill two needs

The 2024 NBA Draft is just weeks away and there are plenty of questions about which top prospect will go where but here is the latest version of the mock draft.
Donovan Clingan
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5) Detroit Pistons- Dalton Knecht

The Detroit Pistons again failed to land the number one pick and will be left to pick the best player available. However, that is highly subjective in this year's polarizing draft class so the Pistons may instead opt for taking the player who fits the best. In that case, they could take a look at Tennessee's Dalton Knecht, who was one of the highest-scoring players in the nation this past college season. Knecht averaged nearly 22 points per game while shooting 39.7% from 3 on 6.6 attempts per game.

While he is seen as a three-point specialist, he can score in several ways, including by shooting off the dribble, attacking, and finishing in the paint with impressive athleticism. Having a sharpshooter who can hit catch and shoot threes or use pin-down screens to drain shots while on the move would help Detroit, which has several questionable shooters, including Cade Cunningham, Jaden Ivey, and Amen Thompson.

They are upside concerns, of course, with few 23-year-old draft prospects turning out to be even decent rotation players, let alone a top-five pick but the Pistons need shooting and he is among the best shooters in the draft.