2024 NBA Mock Draft 2.0: Hawks play it safe, Wizards go big, Spurs fill two needs

The 2024 NBA Draft is just weeks away and there are plenty of questions about which top prospect will go where but here is the latest version of the mock draft.
Donovan Clingan
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25) New York Knicks-Ryan Dunn

With their second first-round pick, the Knicks could look for an experienced player who has a chance to be a long-term rotation player in New York. That could result in them drafting Virginia forward Ryan Dunn. Dunn is arguably the best perimeter defender in the draft and it wouldn't be hard to imagine him becoming a favorite of Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau, who is a defensive mastermind.

Having a terrific perimeter defender is a must in today's NBA, especially for a team that has championship aspirations. Though it's Dunn's offense that has him projected to go in the twenties instead of the lottery,. His 8.1 scoring average ranks as the lowest of any projected first-round pick and he also shot just 20% from three for Virginia.

To his credit, Virginia notoriously plays slow on the offensive end, suggesting that he might have put up more points in a faster-paced offense but there is definitely some work that needs to be done there. He has even drawn comparisons to Portland Trail Blazers wing Matisse Thybulle, who is a stellar defender but a mediocre offensive player at best.

Thybulle, despite his offensive limitations, is in his seventh year in the NBA and Dunn could have a similarly long career, especially if he becomes a three-point shooter. It's possible that the Knicks will move the 25th pick but if they keep it, Dunn may be playing in New York next season.