2024 NBA Mock Draft 2.0: Hawks play it safe, Wizards go big, Spurs fill two needs

The 2024 NBA Draft is just weeks away and there are plenty of questions about which top prospect will go where but here is the latest version of the mock draft.
Donovan Clingan
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20) Cleveland Cavaliers-Kyshawn George

With rumors surrounding the Cleveland Cavaliers and whether they will move on from stars Darius Garland or Donovan Mitchell as well as starter Jarrett Allen, it's easy to forget they have a first-round pick. Given the uncertainty involving their team, they would be best served by taking a player who has the best chance to help them on the floor next season.

With the 20th pick, that might be Kyshawn George. George's numbers to jump out, averaging just 7.6 points and 3 rebounds per game but that was due to him spending half of the season coming off the bench for the Miami Hurricanes. Nevertheless, he definitely made an impression, with him being viewed as a top-20 pick in most mock drafts, including this one, considering his potential as a three-and-d wing. George shot a terrific 40.8% from three on 4.2 attempts per game.

He also looks the part of a defender, with his size at 6'7 and length at 6'10 1/2. He can fight over ball screens, allowing him to stay attached to his defender. Even when he gets beat off the dribble, he can easily recover and block or contest shots at the rim. With Cleveland in need of more size on the perimeter, he'd provide that in addition to knockdown shooting and likely being able to guard 1-3, making him a seemingly no-brainer choice for the Cavs if available.