2024 NBA Draft: Ranking 8 top prospects fit from awkward to awesome for the Spurs

2024 NBA Draft-Adam Silver
2024 NBA Draft-Adam Silver / Arturo Holmes/GettyImages
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1) Reed Sheppard

Kentucky point guard Reed Sheppard is one of the more intriguing prospects that should be on the Spurs' radar. The 6'3 guard is known for his sharpshooting, draining 52.1% of his 4.4 3-point attempts per game this season. He is also an impactful defender, despite his size. His average of 2.5 steals ranked 8th in the nation, and he managed to swat 0.7 blocks per game, surprisingly high for a guard.

Those attributes tend to transfer over to the NBA and having a playmaker who can shoot and defend would make him a fit for every system. Especially with the Spurs, who could use all three of those skills in a starting point guard.

There are some questions about whether he will be a primary point guard in the NBA. This after he shared playmaking responsibilities with another projected lottery pick that we'll discuss more in a moment. Nevertheless, the Spurs just need a reliable shot creator and not necessarily the next Tyrese Haliburton, though that would be nice to be sure.

Therefore, Sheppard could fit the bill. He can also play without the ball thanks to his hot shooting, something that current starting point guard Tre Jones can't do as effectively with teams willing to let him shoot from outside. Factor in his defensive ability and Sheppard would be a worthy option for the Spurs if available come draft night.