2024 NBA Draft: Ranking 8 top prospects fit from awkward to awesome for the Spurs

2024 NBA Draft-Adam Silver
2024 NBA Draft-Adam Silver / Arturo Holmes/GettyImages
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3) Rob Dillingham

Kentucky guard Rob Dillingham may not be a pure point guard and is undersized at 6'1, but that shouldn't stop the Spurs from considering him with either their pick or the eighth pick from Toronto. Dillingham looks like a potential elite offensive player who can play off-ball and knock down threes or create for himself off the dribble with the ability to gain separation.

While the Spurs do need point guard help, they don't necessarily need a prime Chris Paul. As long as Dillingham can bring the ball up the floor, initiate plays, and capably create for others, then he should be fine in that role. Not to mention his potential as the best overall offensive player in the draft, with Bleacher Report comparing him to all-star Darius Garland.

Drafting Dillingham also wouldn't preclude the team from drafting Topic, which Bleacher Report projects San Antonio to do, or pursuing a veteran playmaker who can help in the short term. With a lot of question marks at the top of the 2024 draft, he appears to have a high ceiling. The Spurs can afford to take a big swing in the hopes that they can find another star through the draft to pair with Wembanyama and their young core.