2024 NBA Draft: Ranking 8 top prospects fit from awkward to awesome for the Spurs

2024 NBA Draft-Adam Silver
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4) Zaccharie Risacher

French forward Zaccharie Risacher is considered to be among the best shooters in the draft, though that reputation has been challenged in recent weeks. He had an ugly slump in February that caused his draft stock to seemingly drop. Of course, that was when it was assumed that the Detroit Pistons would have the number one pick.

We now know that the Atlanta Hawks will pick first, which could cause a ripple effect that leads to Risacher dropping into the Spurs' lap. If that were to happen, then they should consider taking him. Although they need help at point guard, they could also use an upgrade at small forward.

He would likely slot into the Spurs' starting lineup next season, replacing Julian Champagnie who served as a decent stop gap. Adding Risacher would give the Spurs front line more length and size with him standing at 6'9 with a 6'10 1/2 wingspan.

That's huge for a small forward and given his defensive ability, would give San Antonio switchablity with Jeremy Sochan roughly the same size at power forward. With two picks in the top eight, selecting Risacher wouldn't necessarily preclude them from selecting another player on this list, giving them an opportunity to address both of their weakest positions in the draft.