2024 NBA Draft: Ranking 8 top prospects fit from awkward to awesome for the Spurs

2024 NBA Draft-Adam Silver
2024 NBA Draft-Adam Silver / Arturo Holmes/GettyImages
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7) Alexandre Saar

Without a clear consensus at the top of this year's draft, we have a 7'1 big man projected to be the top selection, though that has changed in recent weeks. French prospect Alexandre Saar could theoretically fall into the Spurs' lap and having two mobile 7'0+ big men would be entertaining to watch.

Nevertheless, his fit with Wembanyama is questionable. Saar has the tools to be an elite defender who can move his feet on the perimeter and protect the basket. That would make him a fantastic fit on the defensive end for the Spurs, giving them two versatile big men. Be that as it may, Saar's fit on the offensive end with Wembanyama would be far less clear.

The hope for him is that he can become a good 3-point shooter but there isn't a guarantee that that will ever happen. Especially with him being a questionable free-throw shooter. Using the fourth, pick on him would be risky; to say the least and the Spurs should probably play it safe. The potential is definitely there for Saar to be a good player for a long time, but San Antonio should pick another, better-fitting prospect that addresses a need.