15 NBA players most at-risk of being traded this summer

Kyle Kuzma, DeMar DeRozan
Kyle Kuzma, DeMar DeRozan / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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1) Miles Bridges

Despite the controversy surrounding his return to court for the Charlotte Hornets, Miles Bridges has played well this season on a one-year deal, averaging a career-high 21 points per game. That all but assures that he will be able to sign a long-term contract this summer as a free agent. While he can sign anywhere, one of the teams that pursued him ahead of the trade deadline was the Phoenix Suns.

They may be hard-pressed to be able to offer him a competitive contract in free agency, but odds are that another team will. And unless that team has cap space, there could be a sign-and-trade in Bridges' future. That might be the best for all involved, with the Hornets getting something in return for their controversial star without having him there to bring negative attention.

Bridges could get the contract that he wants, presumably playing for a more competitive team, while whichever team signs him could get a talented player who they wouldn't have been able to sign without a sign and trade. A team with cap space could sign him outright but my money is on a sign-and-trade this summer.