15 NBA players most at-risk of being traded this summer

Kyle Kuzma, DeMar DeRozan
Kyle Kuzma, DeMar DeRozan / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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5) Dejounte Murray

After being one of the biggest names on the market ahead of the deadline, Dejounte Murray is still a member of the Atlanta Hawks, at least for the time being. Murray was heavily pursued by the Lakers until they pulled back on trade talks, but they may look to resume trade talks this summer. Another option could be Murray's former team, the San Antonio Spurs, who were also linked to him and will be in need of a starting point guard.

They have more assets to offer the Hawks, though they may also have two lottery picks that they can use to draft a point guard of the future. Murray's future in Atlanta is likely tied to Trae Young's. If Young is traded, then Murray might actually stay put since the Hawks may not have their own picks and wouldn't have any incentive to bottom out and tank.

On the other hand, if Atlanta decides to keep Young, then they may resume shopping for Murray this summer. At the moment, it seems more likely that Murray would be traded than Young, but Atlanta may have a tough time building around the latter, leaving the future of their backcourt in limbo.