15 NBA players most at-risk of being traded this summer

Kyle Kuzma, DeMar DeRozan
Kyle Kuzma, DeMar DeRozan / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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The 2024 NBA trade deadline came and went without many big deals going down. While disappointing, the 2024 NBA offseason could be action-packed as a result of the quiet trade deadline. Most teams opted to wait and see rather than make a dramatic move during the season.

That is no doubt a result of the play-in tournament keeping more teams' playoff hopes alive. But once that hope is extinguished, the postseason ends, and reality sets in, teams will probably be much more willing to make deals in the offseason. With that in mind, let's take a look at the 15 NBA players most at risk of being traded this summer.

15) Luke Kennard

Sharp shooting guard Luke Kennard has proven to be a solid pickup for the Memphis Grizzlies after being acquired last season at the deadline from the LA Clippers. Despite that, he could be moved this summer due to financial constraints for the Grizzlies. Kennard is owed $14.8 million next season, and the Grizzlies will be nearing the luxury tax thanks to the Desmond Banes extension kicking in as well as the cost of their projected seventh overall pick.

That could force them to move on from Kennard and give them breathing room under the luxury tax. Given his shooting ability, that would hurt Memphis, which is short on three-point shooting but they do have the aforementioned high lottery pick. No one expected the Grizzles to be this bad this season and while it has temporarily knocked them out of title contention, it could prove to be a blessing in disguise.

They already have their core of Ja Morant, Jaren Jackson Jr., and Bane locked up and they are adding a potential high ceiling rookie to their core—one who is cost-controlled for the next four seasons. Depending on who they end up with, Kennard could be the odd man out in Memphis.