10 wildly overlooked aspects of Wembanyama's historic Rookie of the Year season

Rookie of the Year winner Victor Wembanyama had a historic season for the San Antonio Spurs but it was even better than most realize.
Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama / Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports
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4) Wembanyama is a surprisingly good passer.

Easily the most underrated aspect of Wembanyama's game coming into this season was his passing ability but that is no longer overlooked. Although Wembanyama has struggled at times with turnovers, he has also displayed terrific court vision. Rookie playmakers tend to struggle with turnovers. 

However, as long as they are making the right decisions, that is what matters most and he'll eventually learn from the turnovers. Coach Gregg Popovich has a history of utilizing big men who can pass with the likes of Tim Duncan, Tiago Splitter, Pau Gasol, and Jakob Poeltl.

With Wembanyama playing the five, the Spurs will be able to add spacing around him and allow for cutters that he can find for well-timed bounce passes. Or they can use him at the top of the key with his size and court vision, allowing him to see everything that's going on and be able to deliver passes from high angles that other players can't. 

He may not end up as good as Nikola Jokic but it's not crazy to think that he could average five assists per game in the near future and that could be a scary thought for opposing defenses. As he gets stronger, he'll be a nightmare to defend in the post, and as the Spurs get better passers, he'll be a lob threat. However, as a passer and scorer, he can have a greater affect on their offense.