1 New Year’s resolution for every team in 2024: Southeast Division

Atlanta Hawks v Miami Heat
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Hornets Resolution: Revamp their team image and bring in an innovative head coach.

Charlotte needs… to make the most out of missing out on Victor Wembanyama. Three of the last four drafts, Charlotte has picked up quality players in LaMelo Ball, Mark Williams, and Brandon Miller, but these players seemingly have not generated a winning basketball team or an excitement around Charlotte. The Hornets are currently 29th in attendance percentage in the league and part of that may be simply because the team is not very good, but the other part is that the team might have a bit of an image problem.

Miles Bridges has returned to the team after missing an extended period of time due to his off the court situation and he is a solid NBA player, but not worth the bad publicity and image if the team is still going to be a bottom-five team with him in the lineup. Head Coach Steve Clifford is also probably the most underwhelming coach in the entire league and is as polar opposite as you can get from an innovative coach in the modern NBA. Charlotte would benefit from moving on from both individuals.

Bringing in players that fans do not have to feel guilty about cheering for and trying out a younger innovative head coach would go a long way to righting the ship in Charlotte. If the Hornets can even become half as exciting as their announcers, that would be a great start!