1 New Year’s resolution for every team in 2024: Central Division

Indiana Pacers v Milwaukee Bucks
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Pistons Resolution: Treat this new calendar year as the beginning of the season.

Detroit needs… to forget about the losing streak and make the most of the remaining part of the season. There are a lot of fingers to point to and individuals to blame for the atrocious start and they are 11 games out of the play-in but that does not mean that this has to be a wasted season. Despite the Pistons having no shot at making the playoffs already, they can still work on some things.

Cade Cunningham has been playing very well and the Pistons have looked their best when Jalen Duren has been on the court, so there are a few positives entering 2024. The rest of the season should be used to find the 2-3 pieces that Detroit wants to use to build around Cunningham and Duren with.

Jaden Ivey, Ausar Thompson, and Killian Hayes are all high draft picks with interesting upsides. Marvin Bagley III and James Wiseman are also two former #2 overall picks, but it can be difficult to develop so many young guys simultaneously and a clear pecking order needs to be put in place for both the frontcourt and the backcourt. This will allow more clarity for the Pistons when they enter next season.

Much like in the non-NBA world, not everyone will fulfill their resolutions and get what they need in order to better their situations. Regardless, others will thrive and get exactly what they need or even go above and beyond their expectations. Only time will tell how 2024 will treat these NBA teams in the Central Division.