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This is where you’ll find our weekly podcast, entitled “Your NBA Fix”! We talk about a number of different topics that came up throughout the week. The podcast is completed every Sunday night and is posted late, so it will be ready to wake you up on Monday morning! Bookmark this page or check back often!

Your NBA Fix Podcast Ep. 20 (3-17-13) 

– Was Kobe Bryant’s injury caused by a dirty play by Dahntay Jones? How has it changed the Los Angeles Lakers’ fortune and can it be considered a good thing in the long run?

– George Hill made some very inflammatory comments about Indiana Pacers fans after their game against the Lakers. Was he right? Is it good to call out your home fans when they aren’t producing the way players expect them to?

– We took a look at five teams and five players who have gotten hot. We took the difference in efficiency from their last five games and their season averages up to that point.

– Your Parting Fix: The relationship between players and the media. We talked about how players need to feel a certain level of trust before they’re really willing to open up and even then, how they are very well protected.

Your NBA Fix Podcast Ep. 19 (3-10-13) – The Miami Heat extended their winning streak to 18 games after a 105-91 over the Pacers and are asserting their dominance in the Eastern Conference. Could the streak reach 30 in a row,  Guess who’s back in the playoffs? Yep, it’s the Los Angeles Lakers. We took a look at the rest of their schedule and what their goals should be, Playoff Watch: We took a look at the current matchups and talked about what each team needs to do. There are some interesting matchups out there, including Spurs vs. Lakers and Grizzlies vs. Nuggets, Your Parting Fix: Three teams that are currently out of the playoffs, but that nobody wants to face down the stretch when they need to improve their playoff position.

Your NBA Fix Podcast Ep. 18 (3-3-13)  – What are the strengths and weaknesses of the top four NBA contenders (Miami Heat, Indiana Pacers, San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder), Was ‘s million-dollar offer to  to compete in the 2014 dunk competition worth considering, Your Parting Fix: Two all-time records that could fall this year that Wilt Chamberlain and the Boston Celtics currently hold that LeBron James and the Oklahoma City Thunder are looking to break.

Your NBA Fix Podcast Ep. 17 (2-24-13)  – ‘s playoff guarantee “We will make the playoffs and we will make some noise”,  A deeper look into the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers’ schedule, including breaking down opponents and home/road splits, The trade deadline, or should we say the trade dudline, Your Parting Fix: Why teams can roll the dice on free agents at the trade deadline

Your NBA Fix Podcast Ep. 16 (2-17-13) – All-Star Weekend Festivities, How Will The Memphis Grizzlies Fare Without Rudy Gay, Home Court Advantage In The Eastern Conference, Who Wins The MVP, Your Parting Fix: NBA Should Borrow Captain’s Format From NHL For 2014 All-Star Game

Your NBA Fix Podcast Ep. 15 (2-10-13) – Expectations and who’s meeting, surpassing and falling short, Defending Dwight Howard and the Lakers’ drama, NBA efficiency trends, Your Parting Fix: Tony Parker is the most underappreciated player in the league

Your NBA Fix Podcast Ep. 14 (1-27-13) – All-Star Starters, All-Star Reserves, Biggest All-Star Snubs From Each Conference, Ways To Improve All-Star Weekend, Rajon Rondo’s ACL Tear And How It Changes Boston Celtics, Your Parting Fix: The One Event All-Star Weekend Needs

Your NBA Fix Podcast Ep. 13 (1-20-13)– : The Best Player In Basketball or Just The Best Offensive Player, Alvin Gentry Out: Was It Even His Fault, Surprise Spoilers: New Orleans Hornets and Washington Wizards, A Look At The League Leaders, Your Parting Fix: , More Bark Than Bite

Your NBA Fix Podcast Ep. 12 (1-13-13) – Why the Indiana Pacers, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Brooklyn Nets, Golden State Warriors and Denver Nuggets are dark horse championship contenders, Why , ,  and  are  four guys who will become the next superstars, What does the Los Angeles Lakers’ future hold, Your Parting Fix: What does it take to win a championship?

Your NBA Fix Podcast Ep. 11 (1-6-13)–  vs.  and the Los Angeles Lakers’ real problems, Royce White’s suspension: Did he deserve it,  ‘s injury and why the Minnesota Timberwolves might be better off short-term, Your Parting Fix: Playing “live or dead” with teams currently out of the playoffs

Your NBA Fix Podcast Ep. 10 (12-30-12) – DeMarcus Cousins Debacle: What Can The Sacramento Kings Do, Five Teams We Were Dead Wrong About At The Start Of The Season, Your Parting Fix: Why Can’t Kevin Love Shoot All Of A Sudden?

Your NBA Fix Podcast Ep. 9 (12-23-12)– Playing “Pretender or Contender” with the four best teams in each conference, including two wild-card choices, Your Parting Fix: Steve Nash and how his return will fuel the Los Angeles Lakers

Your NBA Fix Podcast Ep. 8 (12-16-12) – Ricky Rubio’s Return and What It Means For the Minnesota Timberwolves, Who’s Winning The MVP Race, Three Biggest Disappointments In The League, Your Parting Fix: Dwight Howard and Free-Throw Shooting

Your NBA Fix Podcast Ep. 7 (12-9-12) – Jeremy Lin’s falling off and what the Houston Rockets should do, Three teams that are rising and three teams that are falling, Rookies at the quarter mark and who’s standing out, Your Parting Fix – Winning on the road and what it means to a team

Your NBA Fix Podcast Ep. 6 (12-2-12) – San Antonio Spurs Send Stars Home: What Are They Thinking, ‘s Attitude Hurting The Celtics, Q and A, The Parting Fix – Miami Heat Playing A Dangerous Game

Your NBA Fix Podcast Ep. 5 (11-25-12) – Royce White vs. The World, Top 5 Teams Strengths and Weaknesses, Los Angeles Lakers: Where Do They Go From Here, The Parting Fix – A Top Heavy NBA Good or Bad?

Your NBA Fix Podcast Ep. 4 (11-18-12) – Memphis Grizzlies Best in the West, New York Knicks For Real, Brooklyn Nets Get Wallace Back (Get Win), Los Angeles Clippers Five Straight Wins, Milwaukee Bucks Surprise, Oklahoma City Thunder Hot, The Parting Fix – Miami Heat Defense

Your NBA Fix Podcast Ep. 3 (11-11-12) –  Fired,  Media Mistake, Time To Give  Credit, Bottom Feeders In The NBA

Your NBA Fix Podcast (11-4-12) – Can Russell Westbrook be a leader,  and the new-look Houston Rockets, Are the Lakers in trouble and Slow Down Turbo!

Your NBA Fix Podcast (10-28-12) – James Harden trade, looking at the new additions to the Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunder, Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers.

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