5 overreactions to first two weeks of 2023-24 NBA season

Jimmy Butler #22 of the Miami Heat (Photo by Maddie Schroeder/Getty Images)
Jimmy Butler #22 of the Miami Heat (Photo by Maddie Schroeder/Getty Images) /
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Justin Holiday #9 of the Denver Nuggets high fives Nikola Jokic (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

The NBA season is barely two weeks old. Judging by social media, however, one can come away with the impression that the season is already decided for many teams and players, for better or worse.

It’s the classic time of year when small sample sizes lead to big reactions from fans, and sometimes the players, coaches, and front offices that dictate how relevant those sample sizes remain through the year. Overreactions are the name of the game this early on.

As the 2023-24 NBA season inches forward, what are some of the biggest overreactions to the first couple of weeks of the year?

If you’ve spent five minutes on NBA social media recently, you’ve probably seen at least one overreaction floating around. It’s human nature to extrapolate one little piece of data and try to apply it to a much larger field.

One overreaction in the early days of the season suggested Philadelphia 76ers guard Tyrese Maxey could make the leap to superstardom, maybe even All-NBA. While he’s been on an upwards trajectory in his career, that reaction seemed too strong because of the looming presence of James Harden. But that reaction seems like it may be fair now that Harden has been dumped on to the LA Clippers – so not every overreaction turns out to be farcical. Mea culpas may be in order.

Have an overreaction of your own, or disagree with the ones ahead? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

Here are some of the biggest overreactions we’ve been hearing so far.