NBA Trades: 5 blockbuster deals to move disgruntled NBA stars

James Harden, Philadelphia 76ers, NBA (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
James Harden, Philadelphia 76ers, NBA (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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NBA Trade #3

Many believe the Bulls are in line for a full rebuild after multiple disappointing seasons, but the front office has been intent on maintaining their core of Zach Lavine and Demar DeRozan. Clearly, this roster isn’t going places, but perhaps approaching the trade market as buyers rather than sellers would be more rewarding for Chicago.

The reason why the front office made the additions of Lonzo Ball, Nikola Vucevic, and Demar DeRozan in the first place was to build a competitive roster. While Ball’s injury certainly derailed the team’s success, the other pieces the Bulls have put in place could be nice complementary players if another star was added.

Pascal Siakam could be the player that propels Chicago toward the top tier of the Eastern Conference, or at least into a consistent playoff team. Siakam’s coming off a career year with averages of 24 points, seven rebounds, and five assists per game on 48% shooting. He’s an all-around player who’s proven his ability to play with other elite players, making him an ideal fit next to primarily offensive stars like Zach Lavine and Demar DeRozan.

Toronto reportedly declined an offer for Siakam from the Atlanta Hawks including Deandre Hunter, A.J. Griffin, and draft capital, but that wouldn’t be tough for Chicago to outbid. While Lonzo Ball is a question mark at this point, there’s still potential that he will return as an impactful player. Williams and Terry’s ceilings are unknown but they likely would be given more room to blossom in Toronto, while three lightly protected first-round picks possess extremely high upside.