4 Offseason acquisitions that could push their new NBA team over the top

Grant Williams, Dallas Mavericks NBA (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Grant Williams, Dallas Mavericks NBA (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /
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NBA Player #3: Eric Gordon, Phoenix Suns

As July approached, after the Bradley Beal trade, more questions came to life about the complementary supporting cast and what Phoenix’s depth and defensive format could look like. They maximized the minimum room they had to work with with the talent level they signed, offering minimum contracts here in Mat Ishbia’s spending frenzy around the second apron. It was like they ignored the CBA rules that are setting in.

What the Suns loudly needed was stability of their own, with that portion of the roster vanishing since Kevin Durant arrived in February. Eric Gordon brings spacing and versatility, providing balance throughout the depth chart to combine stability with the stars. The 34-year-old has shot 37.5% from deep in his last three seasons, with a relatively higher percentage from 40 feet out than others.

Mixing in Gordon with Beal, or whatever star mostly plays with the second unit, can do justice to the Suns. They now have another veteran initiator and floor-spacer guiding control. Not to mention the injury issues quietly remaining between the main weapons that could continue.

Gordon can fill in some missing production if someone is unavailable. The ceiling was much higher than it already was to end the season by swapping Chris Paul for Beal at point guard. The Suns have a chance to do something special with this new formula, which has three players who were once basketball’s central scorers.

As many experts labeled it, Phoenix really panned out beautifully, giving them room to work towards the second apron of the luxury tax. They completely maximized a field of minimum suitors, thanks to the attraction of playing with a Hall of Fame duo and now Beal. Gordon highlights that.

It goes without saying how much Beal completely takes Phoenix to another universe deserving of all the eye-candy projections, praise, and attention. Durant, Devin Booker, and Beal are all in the upper echelon of the NBA’s catch-and-shoot percentages. KD now has another opportunity to cash in on a potential all-time offense with a great reliever to the core in Gordon.

Gordon, specifically with the Clippers last season, has still shown his strength defensively, checking the opposing team’s most productive guard or wing. EG taking less money than what his marketplace offered is not the only likable thing about the Suns’ taken flyer. But to fulfill their cravings for another veteran and rotation balance to help their title pursuit, he has been a weapon of depth for contenders in the past.