The new-look Celtics are closer than ever to an 18th title

Boston Celtics (Photo by Nick Grace/Getty Images)
Boston Celtics (Photo by Nick Grace/Getty Images) /
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NBA Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown, David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
NBA Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown, David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports /

How their new pieces fit together.

Brown and Tatum adapt to the dogged leadership roles more now as they get the best help they have had as the main weapons in Porzingis. KP gives the Jays incredible firepower on all three levels, offensively giving Boston an elite shot-blocker and post-presence. His eye-opening defensive improvements will fit right into their switching metrics on that end, with some zone integration now.

Porzingis makes Tatum and Brown’s lives simpler than one could ever imagine, as they have never had that type of service in the front court either. He adds the exact elements and features that the Celtics and their historic tandem needed. Now, Boston has unreal flexibility, with all of their lineup combinations being title favorites again with a greatly balanced roster. This could be a scary trio.

It is safe to say that Boston needed this for their tandem to complete a likable big three. With the way the league is trending as teams added more talent this summer, with big threes escalating with potentially more, they had to move with the landscape.

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The Celtics have been right there, nearly with banner 18 in their hands, for a long time now. An All-Star-caliber big man joins two of the league’s best players. The blockbuster really shows how hungry the Celtics’ franchise is to get the job done, with it certainly being felt throughout the organization.