7 Harsh realities of the Golden State Warriors offseason

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Harsh Reality #1: The Warriors missed out on opportunities to improve their roster.

Thanks to the new collective bargaining agreement, which was designed to limit teams like Golden State, they were limited in what they could do this offseason. Be that as it may, the Phoenix Suns managed to make a splash despite having the same limitations.

They used most of the remaining assets to acquire Beal from the Wizards and then signed several undervalued free agents to minimum contracts. Although the Warriors have fewer holes to fill than the Suns did, Golden State should have been in pursuit of several of the players that the Suns ultimately signed.

Drew Eubanks, Keita Bates-Diop Bates, and Yuta Watanabe each signed minimum contracts, and each could have helped bolster the Warriors front court. Eubanks is an athletic center who sets bruising screens and rolls hard to the basket. He would have provided vertical spacing, particularly if paired with Curry or Paul.

He’s also a tremendous rebounder and finisher around the rim. Watanabe was one of the best spot-up shooters in the NBA last season and proved to be a highly effective, high-energy player when playing alongside stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn.

He could have provided that same energy on the Warriors second unit. As for Bates-Diop, he is an unorthodox player who can defend big wings, fours, and even some centers, and his length and mobility make him tough to score against. Offensively, while he isn’t a three-point shooter, he scores effectively off cuts and in transition.

With plenty of space and stars to draw attention away from him, Bates-Diop would have been a terrific fit. Instead, he, Watanabe, and Eubanks all signed with the Suns, bolstering a team that already has three stars and making them a major threat to the Warriors.

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Ultimately, the Warriors were in need of roster upgrades this summer but were limited in what they could do. While they are no longer the favorites to win the West, if everything goes right, they should still be in the mix next season.