2023 NBA Draft: Complete draft grades for all 58 picks

Victor Wembanyama NBA commissioner Adam Silver, via Getty Images)
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Jordan Hawkins, New Orleans Pelicans
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NBA Draft Picks 11-15

11. Orlando Magic (via Bulls): Jett Howard (SF, Michigan)

The Orlando Magic have a major need for shooting, and they addressed that need with one of the top shooters in the draft. What’s special about Howard as a shooter is his out-the-gym range and ability to work as a movement shooter. Pairing Howard with Anthony Black will be a wondrous sight, and the Orlando Magic have solidified themselves as a top watch on NBA League Pass.

The Magic arguably could have traded down for Howard, but it’s hard to fault a team for selecting their guy, especially when he seems to fit like a glove.

Grade: B

12. Dallas Mavericks (via Thunder): Dereck Lively II (C, Duke)

The Dallas Mavericks moved off of Davis Bertans only at the cost of sliding back two spots in the draft. Moreover, they were able to land the player they likely would have selected 10th overall in Dereck Lively II.

Lively projects as a high-level drop defender at the next level. With a 7’7 wingspan, teams will think three or even four times before driving against him in the paint. He also figures to be a tremendous addition in the PNR game as a roll man for Luka Doncic.

Grade: A-

13. Toronto Raptors: Gradey Dick (SF, Kansas)

The Toronto Raptors needed shooting, and they got just that. One of the draft’s top shooters alongside Jett Howard and Jordan Hawkins, Gradey Dick stands out due to his lightning-quick shooting mechanics. More than capable of thriving as either a spot-up or movement shooter, Gradey Dick will easily fall into a support role alongside Pascal Siakam, OG Anunoby, and Scottie Barnes.

Adding a true point guard, however, would go a long way to maximizing his potential.

Grade: B+

14. New Orleans Pelicans: Jordan Hawkins (SG/SF, Connecticut)

Like any team, the New Orleans Pelicans could always use another high-level shooter. As a movement shooter, Hawkins is perhaps second to none in this class and will do wonders next to CJ McCollum and Zion Williamson. He’s a bit undersized, but Jordan Hawkins has already proven that he can overcome those concerns and has a track record as a winning player.

Grade: B

15. Atlanta Hawks: Kobe Bufkin (PG/SG, Michigan)

Kobe Bufkin had one of the strongest second halves to the season in college basketball. A well-rounded prospect, Bufkin blends his strong scoring ability with legitimate potential as a defender on the perimeter and even has the makings of a three-level scorer. His ceiling may not be among the highest in any one area, but his well-rounded game will secure him a spot in the league for years to come.

Grade: A