2023 NBA Draft: Complete draft grades for all 58 picks

Victor Wembanyama NBA commissioner Adam Silver, via Getty Images)
Victor Wembanyama NBA commissioner Adam Silver, via Getty Images) /
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Anthony Black, Orlando Magic
Anthony Black, Orlando Magic (Mandatory Credit: Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports) /

NBA Draft Picks 6-10

6. Orlando Magic: Anthony Black (PG/SG, Arkansas)

The Orlando Magic took on some risk in drafting Anthony Black. Yes, he was the consensus remaining point guard, a need for the Magic, but his game is not without its holes, specifically as a shooter. While the Magic certainly could have used a higher-quality shooter, a player of Black’s quality is simply too talented to pass up here.

His size, standing at 6’7″, paired with his length, reportedly 7’0″, and an elite basketball IQ on both ends, Anthony Black could easily prove to be worth the risk.

Grade: B+

7. Washington Wizards (via Pacers): Bilal Coulibaly (SF, Metropolitans 92)

The Washington Wizards felt the need to trade up one spot to select Victor Wembanyama’s teammate Bilal Coulibaly. Why they felt the need to do this, I cannot say. Coulibaly is certainly a talented prospect and could grow into a perennial All-NBA defender, but he is also incredibly unproven. His offensive game, however, does not project as positively.

He has an incredibly high ceiling, and the Wizards, undergoing their new rebuild, have the time to invest in him, but this still feels like a bit of a reach.

Grade: C

8. Indiana Pacers (via Wizards): Jarace Walker (PF, Houston)

Jarace Walker is an intimidating defender with an NBA-ready body. It’s not often that role players are selected in the top 10, but in Walker’s case, his role is so valuable, and he plays his part so well, that it’s a no-brainer decision given his talent level. His college numbers may not be overly impressive, but he passes the eye test with flying colors.

While his shot has the potential to improve over time, Walker’s true value is in his defensive ability, namely his switchability. In an era where most players must be able to defend multiple positions, Jarace Walker will stand out among the top.

Paired with Myles Turner in Indiana, the Pacers may just have the top-up-and-coming defensive frontcourt.

Grade: A

9. Utah Jazz: Taylor Hendricks (PF, Central Florida)

Similar to Jarace Walker, Taylor Hendricks is a high-level switchable defender. While he does not boast the same level of strength as Walker, Hendricks’ game is a bit more well-rounded offensively.

Suiting up snugly between Lauri Markkenan and Walker Kessler, the Utah Jazz have quite an interesting core on their hands.

Grade: A

10. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Mavericks): Cason Wallace (PG, Kentucky)

It almost seems unfair that the Oklahoma City Thunder will boast both Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Cason Wallace on their team next season. Like SGA, Wallace is a rare combination of strong defensive play and combo guard ability on offense. Often likened to Jrue Holiday, Cason Wallace projects to be a thorn in the sides of some of the league’s top guards for years to come while providing the Thunder with a well-rounded offensive game.

Grade: B+