2023 NBA Draft: Complete draft grades for all 58 picks

Victor Wembanyama NBA commissioner Adam Silver, via Getty Images)
Victor Wembanyama NBA commissioner Adam Silver, via Getty Images) /
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Scoot Henderson
Scoot Henderson, Portland Trail Blazers (Mandatory Credit: Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports) /

NBA Draft Picks 2-5

2. Charlotte Hornets: Brandon Miller (SF, Alabama)

The Charlotte Hornets faced the difficult decision of drafting based on need versus taking the best player available; they opted for the former. Brandon Miller is a fine prospect who has two-way potential, but he is not Scoot Henderson, and for a franchise as devoid of talent as the Hornets, that’s an issue.

Grade: B

3. Portland Trail Blazers: Scoot Henderson (PG, G League Ignite)

If he were in almost any other draft over the past 10 years, Scoot Henderson would have been the consensus top pick. For the Portland Trail Blazers to have the opportunity to draft him third overall is nothing but a gift, but this gift is not without consequences.

Superstar Damian Lillard has made his feelings clear on adding veterans over young talent, and yet, the Blazers so far have not responded according to those desires. Barring a blockbuster trade, it seems that the youth movement may be beginning in Portland. Regardless of whether or not this deal leads to Lillard’s departure, there is little doubt it was the right selection.

Grade: A+

4. Houston Rockets: Amen Thompson (PG/SG, Overtime Elite)

The Houston Rockets have, or at least had, both a point guard and a culture problem. In Amen Thompson, they may have begun to solve both of those issues. Few players possess the level of athleticism that Amen displays, and fewer still can pair it with his high level of passing ability.

While there is some concern about his shot, he will have ample opportunity to develop it, and even if it never does, his skillset is such that the Rockets will likely have a strong starter regardless.

Grade: A

5. Detroit Pistons: Ausar Thompson (SG/SF, Overtime Elite)

The second of the Thompson twins selected in this draft, Ausar provides many of the positive qualities of his brother Amen. Another high-level athlete, Ausar possesses potentially elite defensive traits that will allow him to have a role in the league for many years to come, even if he does not continue to improve as a shooter.

A strong transition player and a consistent slashing threat, Thompson matches Detroit’s athletic and physical profile. Unfortunately, he also matches their poor shooting profile.

Grade: B