Ranking the 7 best available point guards in NBA free agency

Fred VanVleet NBA #23 of the Toronto Raptors (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)
Fred VanVleet NBA #23 of the Toronto Raptors (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images) /
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Fred VanVleet NBA. Free Agency. (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images) /

NBA Point Guard #4: Fred VanVleet, Toronto Raptors

The 2022 All-Star recently opted out of the $22.8 million final year of his contract. It has been reported that Fred VanVleet is seeking at least $30 million in free agency. Further evolving his game ever since he was a young, important piece to Toronto’s 2019 championship roster, he has blossomed a lot on both sides.

VanVleet has put up 19 points per game the last three seasons as a dog on both sides and a proficient floor general. He still has plenty of periods throughout a season where he shows that star-level level of play. Between Jan. 1 and Feb. 1, Fred recorded 24 points or more nine times. He likely would have been under more All-Star consideration for his second appearance had Toronto won some more games.

The Illinois native has previously received significant interest from the Lakers and Clippers, and he certainly will again, believably as a sign-and-trade. The Lakers have already said they would be interested in their pursuit of another ball-handling shot-creator. Despite his turned-down, below-market-value $114 million extension with the Raptors worth four years during the season, VanVleet had never ruled out a return to Toronto. However, the direction of the Raptors’ organization has indicated vice versa. Nick Nurse exited after all the speculation to go with the newly reported Pascal Siakam rumor of him also potentially being on the move on top of OG Anunoby as eye candy.

It would be safe to call Fred’s going back to Toronto unlikely at this point, although the scenario still lurks.

"“Orlando has been linked to VanVleet due to his connection with Jeff Weltman during their time together in Toronto. However, there’s some pessimism that Orlando would be willing to make a big splash in free agency by signing VanVleet with a predominantly young core that isn’t ready to contend at a high level now.” – Michael Scotto, Jun. 18, 2023. https://hoopshype.com/lists/nba-rumors"

Another strong link to VanVleet, per sources, is the new atmosphere of the Houston Rockets. New Head Coach Ime Udoka quickly voiced that their $60M in cap space was a big decider in his interest in the gig along with his intentions of adding a QB. VanVleet is guaranteed to be a top name on this summer’s market.

Given the attention he has drawn in past February’s as well. He may have had some efficiency declines, but Fred has a major amount of experience and can alter any team’s offense guiding the ship. The way Jalen Brunson just changed the entirety of the Knicks’ franchise’s complexion as a prime example.