Ranking the 7 best available point guards in NBA free agency

Fred VanVleet NBA #23 of the Toronto Raptors (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)
Fred VanVleet NBA #23 of the Toronto Raptors (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images) /
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NBA Point Guard #6: Gabe Vincent, Miami Heat

Gabe Vincent maybe has not been here for long, he may have had an underwhelming regular season, but we saw it in the Eastern Conference Finals, we saw glimpses in the Finals. The work is coming to fruition, folks.

Vincent actually hardly shot above 40% in his 68-game 2023 with 34 starts.

It has certainly been presented before through the league’s landscape where the favor has been returned credited to tremendous individual-playoff exhibits. This one came at a perfect time from a maestro in the Heat’s Cinderella Storied-run.

You could say the 26-year-old has seen it all.


2023 Postseason: 12.7 pts, 3.5 asts, 1.4 rebs, 37.8 3P/53.5 TS%

East Finals: 15.8 pts, 48.5 FG/51.6 3P/93.8 FT/65 TS%

Finals: 11.4 pts, 38.2 FG%

Not only has Vincent shown takeover potential with a Miami Heat-riddled work-ethic that will only help him improve and grow, but he is also fearless. It was mainly displayed against Boston and to begin the Finals.

The combo guard is another with grit on the defensive side who can get hot shooting-wise inside or out. Vincent had three contests these playoffs where he netted five threes or more. Whether it was due to Miami having constant injury or not, he showed that given the opportunity, he can be a viable threat in an offense with his level of attack and natural perimeter aptitude. Vincent is now capable as a scorer off the dribble.

There will absolutely be many suitors on the market this summer who thoroughly loved and enjoyed what they just saw in Vincent. Potentially, the main attraction also even be the acknowledgement in his toughness. He has done his best with Kyle Lowry impressions at times. Any mid-level exception or greater is appropriate from an aspiring playoff team that is in pursuit of a lift.