Ranking the 5 best small forwards in the 2023 NBA Draft

Brandon Miller, Alabama Crimson Tide -Syndication Tuscaloosa News
Brandon Miller, Alabama Crimson Tide -Syndication Tuscaloosa News /
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Brandon Miller, Alabama Crimson Tide
Brandon Miller, Alabama Crimson Tide -Sec Basketball Alabama Vs Texas A M /

As the 2023 NBA Draft draws closer, teams continue gathering intelligence on the top prospects in this year’s class. We’re continuing to do the same here at Hoops Habit with our series ranking prospects by position and skillset.

There’s widely considered to be one uber-elite prospect in this year’s class and two that are on a lower tier, but still expected to be excellent. One of those two players is a small forward, the best wing in the draft, albeit not one without questions and swirling controversy.

Brandon Miller emerged as a star during his lone season with the Alabama Crimson Tide, one of the best players in all of college basketball a year ago. He was also connected to a weapon used in an alleged murder by one of his former teammates. One can’t be separated from the other.

While Miller has dominated the small forward conversation ahead of the draft, he’s far from the only player at the position worth looking at.

Who are the five best small forwards available in the 2023 NBA Draft?

There’s still plenty of time before the draft, which also means there’s plenty of time for players with college eligibility to decide to bail on the draft and return to the collegiate ranks. This list may prove to be fluid, though Miller doesn’t seem poised to exit the draft process.

Freshmen and underclassmen dominate the list, but don’t forget about some of these sleepers: Kansas’ Jalen Wilson, Texas’ Dillon Mitchell, Kansas State’s Keyontae Johnson, and Eastern Michigan’s Emoni Bates.

Here are the five best small forward prospects in the 2023 NBA Draft.