The biggest winners and losers of the NBA Draft Lottery

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The French sensation Victor Wembanyama has been the talk of the NBA since the season started, which has led to the most anticipated draft lottery since the Cleveland Cavaliers struck gold in 2003 with Lebron James. Tuesday, May 16th, representatives from each team gathered in New York in their finest suits to see where the ping pongs landed. See below for the biggest winners and losers of the night.

NBA Draft Winners: San Antonio Spurs

No surprise here; the Spurs landed the number one pick, making them winners of the Wemby sweepstakes. This is very fitting for the organization, as they always land once-in-a-lifetime talent at the big man position. They drafted David Robinson with the number one pick in 1987 and then Tim Duncan with the number one pick in 1997.

The legendary Greg Poppivich sitting on five championships now has a new toy at his disposal, and the Spurs organization has resurrected itself. It’s hard to find a greater situation for a rookie than to be mentored by Poppivich, and it’ll be exciting to watch him develop under a great organization with a championship pedigree.

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